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Google dumps the hard drive so its machines notch a big advantage

PAUL BOUTIN writes in the New York Times online about Google's latest move in its evolving corporate strategy link here. It uses the Chrome OS and the cloud to strip users of the need to have a hard drive, allowing the computer to be simpler and perhaps a third or more cheaper than comparable machines that require a hard drive and an expensive proprietary operating system like Windows OS. Since the Chrome OS is free, buyers will not have to pay for it either, if they are able to give up the proprietary programs.

A lot of this still needs to be worked out, like a printer and the software for other activities that is so widely available for Windows or Apple. But if the OS becomes popular, I suspect this will be the greatest challenge Windows or Apple has yet faced. Their choice is to keep innovating ahead of Google to keep their OS's and other apps competitive or create their own hard-drive-less machines.

Interesting times are ahead. But I would put my money on Google whose speed of software innovation has been well ahead of its competitors.


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The inventors must make sure that they are protecting their inventions using IP.

Oh, they "must", must they? Why "must" they?

Please back up your claims with evidence.

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Hey, idiot. Do you really think anyone is going to click on one of your clearly-irrelevant links, let alone buy anything afterward?


The goal is not to get any of us to buy something but to heighten their websites' rankings in google and other search engines.

Since the links are now marked "nofollow", that does not work anymore, but the people paying these guys to spam us have not noticed yet.

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